Our commercial buildings are made from Solaris panel with a
versatile paneling system that easily fits to a number of

The structural integrity of Solaris panels, combined with various steel extrusions and fasteners, interlock the panels together to create structural diaphragms capable of resisting large static and dynamic loads. This eliminates the need for traditional, wall and roof sub framing, replacing conventional trusses, studs, battens, and insulation.

Each panel is strong, light weight and manufactured to exact tolerances within a factory environment. All panels and fixing sections arrive at the construction site in flatpack kits ready to install and assemble.

It is fantastic to deal with a company that has all of the engineering information regarding their products, in an easy to read format. Quoting is always done quickly, accurately & I have never had any issues with my builders installing the panel.
Martin Mighty Sheds and Patios