The Solaris™ range offers a full spectrum of options and range of benefits including; durability, style, ease of installation and a cost effective end to end solution.

The Solaris range is made form Solaris panel for versatility that easily fits with any number of applications.

Solaris offers a permanent high performance solution for your expanding needs with a variety of colour options to suit your current home.

Easy Installation

• Easy step-by-step installation process
• Creates structures capable of resisting dynamic loads
Made in Australia and tested for Australian conditions.

Adds value to your home

Solaris panel will revitalise your outdoor area adding to appeal of your home.

Energy Efficient

• 8 – 9.5 star energy efficiency rating readily achieved
• Superior thermal and energy efficiency performance, with a reduced need for heating and cooling

Sustainable & Recyclable

• Less energy required to build
• Reduced energy required in heating and cooling with a near zero carbon housing


• Reduced cost due to construction not being weather dependent
• The structural capacity of our panels eliminates the need for additional support structures, thus reducing building costs


• Minimal adhesives and sealants are required reducing exposure to toxic and volatile organic compounds


• Superior resistance to impacts from extreme climatic events including flood, cyclone, and earthquake
• COLORBOND® end to end finish with corrosion resistance and paint colour durability. COLORBOND® steel is developed for the intense sunlight and temperatures typical of Australian environments


• Factory manufactured to precise dimensional tolerances and superior finishes
• Robust, low maintenance materials

Minimal Waste

• Less waste generated in the building process and less environmental impact

Time Saving

• Maximum factory prefabrication of components to exacting standards reduces on-site labour
• Achieving “lock up” stage quicker minimises potential impacts of inclement weather and security

Superior Pest Resistance

• Solaris™ panel has no nutritional content as a food source